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 Imagens Scala Rider FreeCom 2

  • Imagens Scala Rider FreeCom 2
  • Imagens Scala Rider FreeCom 2
  • Imagens Scala Rider FreeCom 2
  • Imagens Scala Rider FreeCom 2
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Scala Rider FreeCom 2

Ref.:: MM-0791731

Preço antigo: 169,95 € Desconto 10%

Novo preço: 152,96 €

Tamanhos Disponiveis: One size

O preço inclui taxas, o preço não inclui o custo da entrega.

Cardo Scala Rider FreeCom 2 Intercom (Individual). With a new and elegant, aerodynamic design, the FreeCom 2 Bluetooth intercom is easy to use and adapts to almost all types of helmet. This device is water and dust resistant )IP67), making ideal for use under any weather condition. Superb sound is guaranteed thanks to the new 40 mm HD Slim stereo speakers. Also the battery duration is outstanding: up to 13 hours without charging.

With multiple connectivity options available, the FreeCom 2 is the perfect rider-pillion communication system. Equipped with 2 Bluetooth channels, allows talking to the pillion, making a receiving a phone call and listening to GPS instructions. Also allows for music sharing with the pillion from an A2DP device or listening to the same radio stations.

With cutting-edge technology, the FreeCom 2 makes the outing more pleasant than ever! The AGC technology automatically adjusts the volume according to background noises. And thinking about safety, it has voice activation technology (VOX) for answering calls hands-free.

Cardo provides its users with the Cardo SmartSet App to Customize settings and control your device with a Smartphone. There is also the Cardo Community online platform for downloading the latest software upgrades and additional options for configuring your device.

General features:

  • Base weight: 34 gr.  
  • Dimensions: 74 mm x 46 mm x 16 mm.  
  • Tested so as to not prejudice the aerodynamics of the latest generation helmets.  
  • Conversation time: 13h.  
  • Stand-by time: 7 days.  
  • Communication technology: Bluetooth.  
  • Dual Core: multi-task dual core technology.  
  • Fast Connect: automatic high speed reconnection with linked devices.  
  • Certification IP67: water and dust resistant.

Audio Kit:

  • HD Slim 40 mm x 9 mm exchangeable stereo speakers.  
  • Speaker weight: 36 gr.  
  • Speaker depth adjustable via included accessory.  
  • 2 microphones: exchangeable rod microphone and cable microphone, to adapt to full face, modular and jet helmets.   
  • Filters with different densities for microphones.  
  • Protected audio connections: the microphone and speaker connections are protected from dust and water inside the helmet. 


  • Ergonomic buttons: designed for easy use even with winter gloves on.  
  • Remote control function: possibility of remote control of all the device's functions via Smartphone.  

Intercom in Bluetooth mode:

  • 2 way connectivity: Rider-pillion full duplex.  
  • Cardo Gateway: Enables non-Cardo headsets to connect via intercom.  
  • Click-to-Link: for spontaneous conversation with other, non-linked Scala Rider users nearby.  
  • Parallel Audio: Allows you to listen to the radio/music via your smartphone or to receive instructions from your GPS device during a 2 way conversation. You can listen to your GPS instructions during a phone call.  
  • Call Sharing: affords the possibilty of sharing a phone call with your pillion or another bike during a 2 way conversation.  

Connectivity with mobile devices:

  • Connectivity with 2 Bluetooth devices: 2 independent channels to connect 2 mobile phones or 1 mobile and 1 GPS or Bluetooth MP3.  
  • Customisable main Bluetooth device selection.  
  • Dual HFP hands free profile; manage 2 mobile phones. Incoming call warning from the 2nd device whilst on a call on the main phone.  
  •  A2DP Wireless Advanced Stereo: wireless stereo audio of Smartphones.  
  • AVRCP Wireless Advanced Control Profile: wireless control of Smartphones.   
  • Mobile phone operations: make, receive and reject calls via voice commands or by pressing a button.  
  • GPS operations: reception of GPS navigation instructions via Bluetooth.  


  • Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP): for listening to music via your smartphone or Bluetooth MP3 player.  
  • Music Sharing: the rider and pillion can listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP).  


  • FM Radio: FM radio built into the device.  
  • Auto Scan: automatic station search.  
  • RDS: automatic search for the strongest signal in the area.  
  • Multi Channel: 6 configurable stations.  
  • Auto Silent: radio is automatically silent for an incoming call.  
  • Radio Sharing Bike-to-Bike: 2 bikers can listen to the same radio station simultaneously.  

Advanced Technology:

  • VOX: Voice-control for receiving and rejecting incoming calls  from the mobile or the intercom without having to use your hands // Customisable sensitivity.  
  • AGC automatic speaker volume adjustment according to speed and ambient noise // Customisable sensitivity.  
  • Emergency number:customisable immediate phone call number.  
  • PLC: audio packet compensation in real time in difficult surroundings.  
  • DSP: digital signal processing for advanced audio.  
  • VPM: Volume per mode, setting and storage of different volume levels for each audio source.  
  • Assisted menu: Voice assisted menu options in various languages.

Device Management:

  • Cardo SmartSet : remote control of the intercom functions and customisation of your settings from your Smartphone.  
  • Cardo Community platform for social features, device customisation and software upgrades.


00351 308805958 - Compre pelo telefone
Seg a Sex. das 10:00 a 13:00 e 15:00 a 18:00. Em caso de dificuldade em contactar utilize o Chat do nosso site ou envie email para vendas@maxymotos.pt. Obrigado


Detalhes produto


Volume de Transporte (Peso Volumétrico e não efectivo): 1.00 kg.

Fabricante: Cardo

ID produto (REF:): MM-0791731

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